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it will not to do


to defer, or deny

what cannot be stopped

what can only, multiply.

a sad rhyme

is not the same as a lonely one

a lonely rhyme is

not one at all


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The Frogs In May

If the frogs in May
are happy
then the ones today
are sad
they are sad
these frogs today
because tomorrow
is not May
and what may
or may not happen
is unknown
but tis known
no matter what
may happen
May will not,
and for this
the frogs are frought
this December day.

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Ignis Fatuus

the ghosts of you i used to love
the ghosts of you
i love no more
the ghosts of you have come to pass
the ghosts of you
are dead no more

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And, oh!


A new year and what not. Things. fly. right? well they do now. flying. all over oh aye my brothers.

welcome and hello.

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