Rain, and pants


the headlights

past your toes

the distance

under your eyes

the cloud floating in your head

the wetness in your bed


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the yell
the yelling
and the children
are like whirlpools
down, down
the drowning
now twangs
now pangs
safety, sanctuary
now clouds
now crowds
surround, surrender

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Fish and the sea

they sold us fish
remember, in that town?
that town or that village
where you stopped
for the sake of a flower
remember, next to it, the sea?
the sea that rushed
to embrace you.
the embrace
that you rushed towards.
the cliff, the rocks
the fall, the shock
the fish, slippery like life
falling, from my hands…

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do you know

do you know yet?

because it is going

oh it has gone

and there you were

sitting around

building houses of cards

and watching them fall

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Ignis Fatuus

the ghosts of you i used to love
the ghosts of you
i love no more
the ghosts of you have come to pass
the ghosts of you
are dead no more

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Control, and painting walls


the cracks in your wall

the cracks they are spreading

the cracks that you deny

the cracks that you defy

will one day spread far

and defying your denials

will rip you asunder.


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Silting, sitting, sifting

through abandoned sunlight

and then those dust particles

colliding, gliding, conniving

give meaning to their movement

and question the lack of mine

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